Worry and Anxiety ? Difference ?

Worry and anxiety? Do you know the difference?

People often use worry and anxiety interchangeably saying commonly “don’t worry” / “don’t take anxiety”.

We need to understand them differently. Worry is a cognitive process and it occurs in mind while anxiety occurs in the body. Anxiety is part of a larger system of our body which is designed to respond or tackle with danger, threats or any painful stimulus.

Worry starts with- “what if” questions and mostly concerned with future. Worries are mostly negative in nature.

When there is exam we are worried, and can see anxiety with sleepless nights, low appetite, cold palm, restlessness, chills, palpitation etc here we are worried about result that is future, what if I fail? What if I get low scores?

Due to some condition situation incident person or a group we get a reason to worry for example we were not worried about corona till we started hearing about it almost 24 x 7 hours. “What if” I get infected with corona virus? What will happen to me, my family, my kids, etc? This was a noble condition & no one was having a clear picture about it.

Everyone or most of us have one or other reason to worry. But when this worry becomes problem that it reduces quality of life and physical condition of individual and people around them, this condition can be termed as Anxiety. When worry is there and we are unable to cope with it then it can be termed as Anxiety. People reported many symptoms when they were worried about corona like change in sleep patterns ,fear which didn’t aloud them to work, to meet people, washing things and hands frequently, storing and hoarding unwanted edibles and medicines, significant change in behaviour which was problematic for self and others affecting adversely & lowering the quality of  life.

Time to time we come across with words like travelling- anxiety, examination- anxiety, corona or covid anxiety etc.

If we all are not same, similarly everyone with same symptom can’t be labelled as person with anxiety because symptoms and its intensity can differ.

We get to know different worries and anxiety patterns in life, it can be due to stressors or trigger in a person’s life. But you can’t call yourself / others, as an anxiety patient or a person with mental health issue.

There are many criteria’s for diagnosis and diagnosis is very important in the procedure of treatment.

✓Feeling restless


✓Difficulty in concentration

✓Going blank

✓Muscle tension ✓headache

✓disturbed sleep

✓significant change in appetite

✓significant change in weight


Please note all the symptoms mentioned above can match with you but still you may not need any help a mental health expert or psychologist or counsellor or psychiatrist. I firmly believe that for every problem there is a solution. You can help yourself & your near n dear ones by checking your Worry and Anxiety Level.

Help yourself and others. Create awareness; we can bring positive change around us.

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Dr Mamta Jain is one of the India’s Top Psychologist and Best Psychologist. She is Top Ten Psychologist of India. She has 22 years plus experience in the field of Psychology and she has achieved the honor of being awarded Gold Medal. She is not only gold medalist but she is topper in University in Special Education. She is renowned Psychologist, Top Psychologist in India and Special Educator.

Dr Mamta Jain is leading psychologist in Raipur,Hyderabad,Bangalore,Mumbai and Kota. She gives her services Pan India and to International Clients as well.

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