What happens when a toxic relationship ends?

April 7, 2021 Accepting Yourself

At the end of a traumatic relationship, you may feel overwhelmed by the imperfections and emotions you are experiencing. And this is perfectly acceptable. While your friends and family feel grateful for your separation, they may not be able to understand the emotional turmoil that is going on inside your heart and brain.

 Dr Mamta Jain Talk about what happens 
after the end of a toxic relationship

Let’s look at the end of abusive relationships from the following factors:

Mental and Emotional Health
Posting off by someone you thought was the only one and the soul of your partner, you may encounter mixed feelings. Symptoms are often similar to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
There may be no visible scars to make it clear that you are injured, but the pain is the same as the physical injury.
You may also be displaying extreme behavior, when you constantly think about your ex, your separation.
The more these symptoms are hidden, the greater the damage to your emotional stability and the ability to overcome trauma.

Attachment or Addiction?

 Dr Mamta Jain Talk about what happens 
after the end of a toxic relationship

When two people share their ways in a healthy way, they may feel hurt, but it does not take action for the two people involved. Eventually they moved on as an effective way to end the relationship. But in an emotionally charged relationship, separation is not so pure, rather it is deceptive.
The victim may not notice the symptoms and develop a close bond with them.
You can resume events from your relationship in your mind several times throughout the day or read old conversations.
Being with someone becomes addictive for a while, like an unhealthy attachment. It may seem normal and normal for the victim, but this can affect their emotional well-being.

Moving on!

 Dr Mamta Jain Talk about what happens 
after the end of a toxic relationship

The first step in moving forward is to accept your situation. Here are some things you can do to win that relationship:

Take care of your emotions
Adjusting your emotions requires extra effort. When you are abandoned by someone who is a slave to you, it can hurt your self-esteem. You can feel used and abandoned, angry and different. Instead of being oppressive and being their home, it is very important that you accept and acknowledge your feelings. Be aware of how you feel. You can make a magazine the same way. If you feel like crying or screaming, do so.

Pen it down

Sometimes it can be hard for you to talk about your broken relationship and what you went through. But it is important to show it in order to be cured. First, you can keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings, opening your mouth a little.

Confide in Close ones

 Dr Mamta Jain Talk about what happens
 after the end of a toxic relationship

You can always rely on your close friends and family when you feel the need. Surround yourself with people. Avoid isolating yourself.

Disconnect from the abuser
You need to disconnect your old contact. Being in danger may drag you to his doors, but this can be dangerous. It is important to keep away when you break up with your abuser. You may feel drawn to him, but remember that it is unhealthy in your mental health if you stay connected to him.

do not be silly
It might seem a good idea to keep a tab on your spouse by naming him or her on social media or by contacting his or her friends. But this is wrong. You need to focus on investing your time and energy in yourself rather than in knowing where you are.

Undo important decisions

 Dr Mamta Jain Talk about what happens
after the end of a toxic relationship

At times, when you are not feeling well, it is best not to make any important decisions about your health, which may affect your future. Let yourself feel and heal for a while first.

Practice patience
In order for the injury to heal, there must always be a specific set of medications and treatment that the person follows. But with emotional support, you need to give yourself time. Everyone takes their time to get out of an emotional crisis. Focus on your progress.

Seek Help
If your emotions are out of control and are interfering with your daily life, you should seek professional help. Sometimes, when we are weak, we may not be in a position to function properly emotionally. A little advice on how to change the status and lifestyle of a professional can be very helpful.

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