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Emotional eating or binge eating is one of the most common but unknown illnesses. It is very common in urban areas where people are angry and depressed because of their work. In this case, the person eats too much food while not in control which makes the person feel depressed.

Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Tips on Controlling Binge Eating

It becomes a cycle of man who cannot control himself. It starts with feelings of deprivation that instill a strong desire for food. A person starts eating and is unable to stop eating, so overeating. Afterward, the person feels depressed and embarrassed, when the person decides to keep food. However, as soon as a person begins to feel deprived and the cycle begins again.

Therefore, to control your drinking, here are a few suggestions:
Avoid Temptations:
For one thing, it is the temptation to indulge in binge eating and binge drinking. Therefore, it is important to avoid temptation from the world around you. Therefore, eliminating unhealthy foods and unhealthy snacks from different areas is the first step.

Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Tips on Controlling Binge Eating

Listen to Your Body:
Especially when we eat too much and pay attention to our emotional needs. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body even when you are hungry. There is a clear difference between actually feeling hungry and being emotionally drained. So, if you have just eaten and you feel like eating again, it is very likely because it is your emotional desire.

Save Time:
Most of the time we eat when we skip meals or do not have a regular schedule. Therefore, it is important for one to maintain a proper schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, one has to keep the plan and follow the plan


Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Tips on Controlling Binge Eating

Have healthy fats:
It is a common misconception that eating fat will make you overeat. It is an unhealthy fat that makes you crave it. If you keep your diet full of healthy fats, you will feel satisfied and full.

Fight Loneliness:
Most of us have a snack when we feel we are bored. Therefore, it is important to be alert when you feel lonely. Therefore, you can indulge in a variety of activities, or new hobbies to combat boredom. You can start drawing, reading, or talking to friends to avoid boredom.

Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Tips on Controlling Binge Eating

When we overeat, we begin to eat our own food without thinking. Therefore, the inability to enjoy the food we eat. Therefore, it is important that your food slows down while tasting. Therefore, doing this will help you enjoy more food and you will eat less automatically.

Overeating is a very serious mental health condition. If you or someone you know has this disease, please visit a mental health professional immediately.

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