William Harvey Takes the Pulse of Nature

William Harvey Takes the Pulse of Nature

Experimental result: The discovery of blood circulationWhen: Theory published in 1628Boy, was Galen wrong.The Greek physician-cum-philosopher proposed a model of blood flow in the second century

Top 10 research topics in sports psychology

1.Research Topics On Sports Injuries2.Research Paper Topics On Sports Management3.Sports Science Research Topics4.Sports Schools Topics For College Students5.Football Research Topics6.Hockey

Top 10 research topics in personality psychology

1.Models of the Structure of Personality2.Genetic Factors and Culture in Personality3.Abnormal Personality Traits4.Personality and Individual Differences: Current Directions5.Current Research in P

Top 10 Research Topics Congnitive Psychology

1.Racism and its effects2.Homophobia3.Social issues involving or related to culture4.What is social depression?5.What is social cognition?6.How does social anxiety affect people?7.Gender r

Top 10 research topics in clinical psychology

1.Focus on a Topic Within a Particular Branch of Psychology2.Write About a Disorder or Type of Therapy3.Choose a Topic Related to Human Cognition4.Consider a Topic Related to Human Development

Top 10 research topics in applied psychology

1.Social cognition and depression.2.What are the main factors that can affect social cognition within a family?3.What are the roles of aggression and violence in social psychology?4.What are the un

Top 10 research topics in abnormal psychology

1.“Pretty Grisly Stuff”2.Cowering Under the Covers3.Thomas Hears Voices4.The Community Mental Health Movement: The Exodus from State Hospitals5.Contemporary Perspectives on Abnormal Behavior6

Top 10 research topics in social psychology

1.Social Cognition2.Attitudes and Attitude Change3.Violence and Aggression4.Prosocial Behavior5.Prejudice and Discrimination6.Self and Social Identity7.Group Behavior8.Social Influence

Top 10 research topics in positive psychology

1.About Me Worksheet2.Self-Awareness Worksheet for Adults3. Daily Mood Tracker4.Problem Solving Worksheet for Adults5. Techniques for Disputing Irrational Beliefs (DIBS)6. Your Core Values W

Top 10 research topics in industrial psychology

1.Lest we forget that industrial and organisational psychology is psychology2.Psychological attitudes of nuclear industry workers3.An Evaluation of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Teaching Mo

Top 10 research topics in child psychology

1. Is Child Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence?2. Link Between Television and Obesity3. Stress and Preterm Delivery4. Situations Leading to Cutting Yourself Disorder5. Effects of Abor

Top 10 common problems in relationship among married couple

1. Division of Labor2. Finances3. Children and Parenting Differences4. Personality Differences5. Fighting and Communication Style Differences6. Different Love Languages7. Sex8. Jealousy

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