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Speech impairment in which a person repeats sounds, words, letters, takes time to 
pronounce sound and has a disturbed speech known as 'block'. The person knows what 
you are saying but has trouble expressing normal flow of speech.

Speech distortion is often accompanied by problematic behaviors such as trembling of the lips or rapid blink of an eye. Stuttering makes your communication difficult with others and can affect your quality of life and relationships. Stuttering is often worse when you are talking to a group, talking on the phone and it can slow down while you are reading, singing or talking to yourself.

Dr Mamta Jain - talks about Stuttering and its Impact

Speech production process

When speaking, there are a series of systematic muscle movements that include voice production, respiration, throat, tongue, palate, and lips. The whole process is controlled by the brain.

Although stuttering can affect you at any time due to trauma, head injury, severe depression; It is most common in children from 2 to 6 years of age when people enter the age of language production. Virtually all children stutter at a certain time that can last from a few weeks to years. Some people continue to stutter even after their childhood and throughout life.

Is stuttering mental?
Previously Stuttering was believed to be a psychological phenomenon but recent research shows that it is often a developmental disorder rather than a mental disorder. Brain pictures show differences in stagnant and stagnant brain. Developing stuttering occurs when a child’s language skills do not meet the child’s oral needs.

Dr Mamta Jain-  talks about Stuttering and its Impact

Or, if you stutter, you will end up with a number of psychological problems, such as the following:

Great Disappointment
Anxiety and Anxiety
Fear of the community
Social Isolation etc.
Treatment can help young children prevent progressive stuttering and increase their fluency while maintaining good mood. It can help adults to understand, accept and overcome the negative effects of stuttering. If you find your baby stuttering for 3 to 6 months, take it to a health professional for a check-up.

Do this for your child:
Make sure you have a comfortable place at home where your child can talk freely. Set aside some time for your child to talk to you and make sure he or she hears when the child is happy and wants to share more.

Pay attention to what your child is saying and focus on the message rather than on how it is said.
Do not interrupt your child when he or she speaks
Speak in a relaxed and slow tone so that the child is not under the time pressure
Do not complete the child’s sentences and be patient with them. Make him understand that a person can communicate well or stutter.

Dr Mamta Jain-  talks about Stuttering and its Impact

Talk openly with your child about stuttering if he or she wants to and tell him or her that something is wrong.
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