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April 28, 2021 CAREER ISSUES

We can’t always send good emails. Sometimes, it is necessary to be rude, to send feedback. It can be an email to an employee or an investor. When you want to put down someone or disagree with someone else. Therefore, it becomes a necessity.

Dr Mamta Jain– Sending out Negative E-mails

We all know that even simple words in a telephone conversation can be misinterpreted. Therefore, sending a negative email can cause great frustration for the recipient. A person who already has a mental health problem may lose days of sleep.

So below is a guide on “how to do it” in sending a false email:
Something Fun:
Once you are done with the greeting, it is always best to start with something friendly. It will create a saving tone and conspiracy theorist. It could be; “How are you?”, “How was your weekend?” etc.

Thank you:
Even if you fire someone, you should thank him for his work. A simple “thank you” can make the mind easier and make a person feel loved for the work he has done. Focusing on the negative aspects of their work can make anyone feel overwhelmed.

Dr Mamta Jain– Sending out Negative E-mails

Something Good:
It may feel like you want to go around circles, but it’s important. One should have done something good throughout their stay. Therefore, it is important that you identify their strengths and nurture their positive emotions. After that it simplifies the conversation and keeps them calm while they read the whole email.

In the email body, you can submit your criticism, or your response, or put it down. But, with it, you have to say why, and how one can prepare for future goals. Simply stating “you have been fired” or “I do not agree” will make a person feel unloved. Therefore, it is important that with the answer, you present your thoughts.

Avoid making direct comments, instead, trying to elaborate. It is better to limit yourself to things that can point to detailed instructions. If a person is retrenched for various reasons, it is best to provide bullet points, and then go along with the reason. If you do this, then the person will feel appreciated and respected.

Dr Mamta Jain– Sending out Negative E-mails

Always end by asking if you can clarify any doubts. It sends a powerful message that you care about that person. It brings the closure of the email and also sends a message to someone who is willing to listen to them. If you just end up being criticized, it will leave a negative impact on the person.

Then finish the email with a good signature. Which could be, “Very good”, “All the best for your future”, etc.

Dr Mamta Jain– Sending out Negative E-mails

There is an appropriate time to send any type of email. If you start sending emails in the middle of the night, then it can cause anxiety and panic. It is best to send an email in the morning when the person is awake. It conveys the message of thought and makes it easier for anyone to process.

Following this simple method above, it can make it easier to send bad emails. Therefore, what makes it better for a person to consider and accept the answer.

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