May 15, 2021 Depression

Winter! Days become shorter, sunlight diminishes, and in front of the television, we hide behind our backs all day long to keep warm. When did this seasonal outbreak continue to be a major problem? Depression occurs during the SAD season.

Seasonal depression is a type of depression that occurs mainly at certain times of the year. Most people experience symptoms of depression that begin in March, develop in winter, and are more pronounced than depression in summer.

Depression Affected During the Season is much less severe than severe depression?
No! This is a myth, rather serious as a serious mental disorder. In fact, as a depressing definition, or one would say ‘the kind below’. People with depressive disorders that affect certain seasons experience symptoms at certain times of the year and the rest of the season, depending on remission. If this change occurs more than once in two years, then it is eligible for diagnosis.

Investigators have not yet identified the exact cause of SAD but have found links between winter and how it could cause SAD. Low levels of sunlight in winter can cause imbalances in biological clocks and lower serotonin and melatonin, which regulate our mood and sleep. Also, people who live far from the equator or have a family history of depression may be at risk for developing SAD.

Dr. Mamta Jainexplains seasonal affective depression

The symptoms of SAD are similar to the symptoms of major depressive disorder. It can include feelings of depression, loss of interest in the past, weight loss or gain, changes in sleep or appetite, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, feelings of despair, and even thoughts about death.

People with a winter version of SAD may also have these distinct symptoms:

Excessive sleep
A change of appetite, especially the craving for a high carb diet
Low strength, heaviness in arms and legs
Weight gain
Social withdrawal

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