April 19, 2021 Anger

No relationship has ever been broken unless you let it go. Rebuilding relationships is not easy after the outburst of anger. You may feel angry, depressed and embarrassed. But stay, and work on it.

Dr Mamta Jain

The first step in controlling your emotions is to start rebuilding your relationship. It is very important to create a meaningful environment for healthy communication and to resolve conflicts by learning to control your anger.

Dr Mamta JainExplains Rebuilding Relationship After an Anger outburst

Moreover, more important than anger is the way it is expressed, is it right? Anger is the basic emotions such as happiness, fear, joy and sadness. Anger is not something that will be taken out of the system but rather kept in a non-explosive state.

Outbursts of anger lead to feelings of mistrust, hurt, and betrayal. In conclusion, anger can also end up ruining your relationship. How does one justify this broken relationship?

Dr Mamta JainExplains Rebuilding Relationship After an Anger outburst

Taking time
Cooling off before re-engaging in solving or dealing with anything that needs fixing should work to help control anger and its consequences. Taking time or going does not mean that you are avoiding trouble but that you have some time to calm down.

Understand the impact
It is impossible to work your brain while going out. The biggest job being done is yours to fulfill your feelings. Above all, try to discern the consequences of your actions. Most importantly, gathering your thoughts during stressful times before saying anything to someone else removes the potential harm and pain.

Dr Mamta JainExplains Rebuilding Relationship After an Anger outburst

Above all, it is impossible to regain trust without letting go of resentment and inner peace. Forgiveness is not a matter of someone else’s anger but of your emotional freedom. When confronted with this situation, we tend to become self-critical and critical. It is important to forgive yourself and the other person.

Support each other
In addition, the best way to build relationships is to support each other in this journey of mistakes and growth. Giving with empathy helps to find lost love and something good to expect. There is nothing more powerful than working in a relationship together.

Get out
Tolerating anger in certain areas of your life can be frustrating. It’s important to get angry and take a day or a few days off in order to refresh in a new, neutral environment.

Get professional help
In the end, building a relationship of anger is difficult. It is highly recommended to get help individually and in consultation with an experienced psychologist to help resolve issues and build healthy relationships.

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