May 1, 2021 CHILD ABUSE

Bullying can take the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse *******, humorous comments, teasing and fighting with a child or other children. Parents play a vital role in managing bullying not only in the home and community but also in the school.

The following steps are similarly suggested:-

Dr Mamta Jainexplains Parents role in bullying prevention

i) If the abuse of their child is reported by the school or the parents of other children, they should take immediate action.

ii) They can help their child learn how to do the same thing without using bullying.

iii) They should help the child to understand what is happening to the abused child.

iv) On their part at home parents must make sure that they do not abuse the child to obey them and do what they want the child to do.

v) They should act as role models for their children by using good non-violent methods to solve a problem or problem.

vi) They should make it clear to their children that bullying in any area will not be tolerated and will need to be punished.

vii) They should develop and build self-confidence and confidence in their child so that they do not become bullies or victims of bullying.

Important additional tips
viii) Rewarding children with praise and appreciation by showing consideration for others can be very helpful.

ix) Making their children aware of the challenges at school and outside and how to deal with them with confidence will also help.

x) Parents should create an environment in the home that gives importance to developing feelings of unity and togetherness, where children can learn good ways to deal with difficult situations at school or in the community.

xi) Parents should be a friend and philosopher to their child in order to trust the parents and talk about their problems without hesitation.

xii) Parents should help the child to develop self-confidence in situations where needed, e.g. in the face of bullying, the child can ask the bully to STOP the behavior with confidence and not show fear or apprehension.

xiii) Where necessary, the parent should trust the principal or teacher and seek their help to prevent such abuse.

xiv) If a person’s child is shy, timid and reticent in spite of all the help they provide, it may be best to seek professional help (a psychologist or school counselor) to help the child develop skills to overcome his or her learning disabilities.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains Parents role in bullying prevention

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