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August 17, 2019 Anxiety


By Dr. Mamta Jain, PhD (Psychology) – Gold Medalist

Clinic: – The Psychology Clinic.


Every human being in their day to day activities goes through anxious feeling at one point or the other. Be it before exam, or be it before public speech or before starting of an event or in the last ball of a cricket match. But there is very fine line which when it crosses it becomes Illness and threat to your living. This is where it becomes very important to understand it. Often it causes people to feel distressed and uneasy for no apparent reasons.

Interestingly not only adults, now days you can find every next child getting into trap of Anxiety attack. Not to mislead it to be panic attack. As panic is short lived compare to Anxiety which can last months.

Often you will hear before the performance in any events or in school, one often complains of stomach hurting, vomiting sensation and heavy breathing…This is sign of Anxiety and yes before exam too. Understanding this is important. When this very act becomes a regular activity for or before the beginning of any task, or any event or important assignment or work then it becomes illness which needs to take care of.

Often the stressful situation leads to anxiety. Stress is from outside and anxiety comes within.

If you observe more deeply, seed of anxiety illness are planted early in your childhood and more often parents do not understand that not letting child face stressful situation and comforting and accommodating them every time such situation comes is not helping them but its making kid rely on parents every time such situation comes in their life. And when kids grows to Adult he starts struggling in any such stressful situation and anxiety creeps in and takes the form of Illness and starts affecting day to day life and thereby leading to various complications and health issues in life.

Learning to let face their fear is very important aspect which can make child strong during such situation and can handle it with ease.

Often parents with single kid or two you will notice parents getting more panic in such situation because of the fear that their child may get hurt but they do not realize that in the process they are conveying message to their child that they are there to support and they are going to help them. So child will never learn to handle stressful situation they come across on their own.

So it becomes more important to train parents to infuse feeling of confidence, to fight fear and handle stressful situation rather than training or counselling child to change their behaviour.

One must understand how to differentiate between positive anxiety and negative anxiety. Though there are many different types of anxiety and not going into too much of technical descriptions and keeping it simple for the reader and parents I am using it as positive and negative.  Positive as we all know that it’s a part of it and every one face such situation at some events which is uncertain, stressful and has a social impact. But when it becomes a daily routine and creeps in your life for each and every situation not so important also then it’s a sign that this illness has made a home in you.

One must understand that if not treated it can lead to lot of trauma and can not only affect you but can affect people around you and can cause issues in everyone’s life around you as well.  Lot of support in the form of counsellor and trainers are available these days and one must reach out to trained and certified counsellor for help. Treatments are often helpful and effective with proper medication and counselling sessions.

Anxiety disorder can coexist with physical health conditions as well in such conditions medical help can be sought and it can be treated over the period of time with proper help, guidance and support.


About the Author :- Dr Mamta Jain is PhD, Gold Medalist in Psychology and currently owning clinic – The Psychology Clinic and practicing as consulting psychologist.

Over the years she helped more than 1500 + patients to combat various psychological issues. She is also NLP practitioner, Life Coach and Trainer.  She has worked with many organizations and schools and helping them handle various special mental health issues among employees and students. She takes workshops and Training on regular basis and her aim and mission is to help individuals come out of various mental health issues.

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