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Without moderate or high level of intelligence and adequate learning, some children fall behind in mastering their academic skills. These children are often considered to be learning disabilities. Learning disabilities are found mainly when children start school and work on learning activities with other children at school.

The acquisition of skills in subjects involves one or more of the basic mental processes, such as attention, perception, memory, logical thinking and so on. When there is a deficiency in these basic processes needed to understand or use language, spoken or written, it can be manifested in the incomplete ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or do arithmetic. Without their moderate or above-level intelligence, they have difficulty learning reading skills.


Dr Mamta Jainexplains learning disabilities in Children

Learning Disability
This disorder is found when a child has a specific and significant disability in the development of non-discriminatory learning skills, visual acuity, visual acuity or hearing. Includes reading skills such as reading comprehension, word recognition, **** reading skills and learning disabilities.
Most of them have a history of some developmental delays in acquiring speech and language. In the first stage, difficulty is seen most in the reading of the alphabet script, in alphabetical reading, in letter-making, rhyme words, in the analysis or classification of sounds. Later, learning difficulties may be identified by omission, replacement, distortion or addition of words, slow reading rate, skepticism, alteration of words and even sentences, inability to understand, or recalling lessons learned and more. Difficulty learning can be seen in other educational areas such as
math or writing.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains learning disabilities in Children

Direct Written Disabilities
The term ‘written speech disorder’ has been used by the American Psychological Association (APA, 2000) as the same term for a particular writing disability. It is described as “writing skills that fall far below the expectations given to a child’s age, moderate intellect, and age-appropriate education”. Spelling difficulty is usually checked using selected spelling tests.


Dr Mamta Jainexplains learning disabilities in Children

Special Statistical Disabilities
This is characterized by certain deficiencies in basic calculation skills such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. It should not be difficult to master high mathematical skills such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry or calculus. This should not be the result of intellectual, sensory, cognitive or sensory impairment or poor learning environment.

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