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Dr Mamta Jain– Explains Why Smoking is an Addiction

Not surprisingly half of all the cigarettes consumed are by those who are suffering from some type of mental health issue. This could be Stress, Anxiety, Depression or an Addiction.

Any attempt to quit smoking will require a solution to the underlying issue. Before we understand how a psychiatrist will help you solve these mental health problems let’s understand what they are

Stress: To show one point that Stress is not entirely bad, without pressure some of the best ideas would never happen, but stress is the body’s way of reacting to a situation that you feel we can’t control. Stress in life is unavoidable, and it is very important how you respond to it.

Anxiety: Is it a feeling of discomfort, anxiety, or panic about an upcoming event. Anxiety can be the result of a test or a job interview result etc. And in life there will be many worries, the most important of which is how you react to these feelings of things that are not in your hands.

Depression: Depression is a feeling of complete despair and depression. However, everyone will experience different levels of stress in their life. No one will be able to live without depression. Depression can be found to be mild or severe or to some extent in the midst of this excess. How a person responds to depression depends on their ability, whether through counseling or even antidepressant medication. Drugs, alcohol or nicotine are not the answer to depression.

Dr Mamta Jain– Explains Why Smoking is an Addiction

Confusion: Addiction is a complex state of mind, in which a person is unable to control their need for something or a task. In addition, a person can become addicted to food, exercise, ***, alcohol, drugs or nicotine. This chronic brain dysfunction where it demands “rewards” and is shown to have a lack of self-control is solved by counseling and other methods experienced by a knowledgeable Psychologist.
In conclusion,

if you or your loved one needs to stop smoking, it is best to consult a qualified pathologist who will treat the problem at its root rather than overlooking it.

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