April 26, 2021 Bipolar Disorder

Pregnancy is the first and most important step for women entering motherhood. You can see that you are carrying someone inside. It is a happy time for the parents of an unborn child. However, with pregnancy comes various health and mental health problems.

Dr Mamta Jain talks about the Importance of Counselling During Pregnancy

It is normal to worry about your pregnancy, and how it affects your body. It produces different body and hormonal changes in a person. Therefore, it affects one’s emotions. As a result, a person is exposed to a variety of mental health problems.

Therefore, below are a few of the Pregnancy Mental Health Problems:
During pregnancy, many women suffer from depression. There are certain physical changes that a woman can understand or process. Also, stress may be due to the environment and conditions.

Depression and anxiety:
It is normal to feel stressed during pregnancy. However, the woman begins to take extreme pressure because of the anonymity that causes anxiety. Sometimes, a combination of anxiety and stress leads to panic attacks.

Bi-Polar Disorders:
Very few women experience bipolar disorder during pregnancy but it still happens. It occurs due to hormonal changes and changes in mood. Which will increase the width of the hearts that change from depression to manic. However, you should also be aware that pregnancy promotes mood swings. However, a person with bipolar disorder will exhibit extreme and extreme mood swings.

Dr Mamta Jain– talks about the Importance of Counselling During Pregnancy

These problems may be due to the reasons listed below:

Past history of any mental health problem.
You feel like you have no support around you.
Having an unhealthy relationship with your spouse or nature.
You are currently experiencing abuse or any previous experience of abuse.
Addicted to any form of drugs, alcohol or nicotine.

Dr Mamta Jain talks about the Importance of Counselling During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant it is always advisable to check your mental health. There may be times when you feel up and down. Seeking a mental health professional is not a sign of weakness.

Below are some signs to look for when it comes to seeking a mental health professional:
Feelings of Trouble:
As mentioned above, feelings of ups and downs will occur during pregnancy. However, if you continue to feel depressed for more than 2 weeks, it is advisable to seek psychological counseling.

Unable to Work:
If negative thoughts and feelings constantly invade your mind. Therefore, you cannot work or do your daily work.

Symptoms of Depression:
If you show signs and symptoms of depression such as loss of interest or hopelessness. You can read more about the symptoms of depression here.

Anxiety / Anxiety:
You always feel anxious or anxious about something or sometimes too much.

Symptoms of OCD:
You are constantly plagued by negative thoughts within your head and to stop them indulging in the same activity over and over again.

Accepting help from others is not a sign of weakness. Psychological counseling can also help in various ways, which will make childbirth a smooth and happy process. Also, if you or someone you know is suffering from any of the above symptoms please visit a mental health professional immediately.

Dr Mamta Jain talks about the Importance of Counselling During Pregnancy

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