How to cook happiness

August 17, 2019 Happiness

How to cook happiness –

By Dr. Mamta Jain, PhD (Psychology) – Gold Medalist

Clinic: – The Psychology Clinic.


Happiness is important part of life, but most of times we find people as sufferers, sad or going through some or the other mental health issues.

Have you ever ponder why are we not happy most of time, why are we practicing different tactics,   applying formulae’s for acquiring happiness.

If one had a beautiful haircut, scored good marks, a nice date it does make one happy but it gives happiness that is momentary just like few months of happiness of having a new house or winning a lottery.

Why are we unable to maintain our happiness with fluency once acquired, simply because happiness is not a learning process.

Happiness is momentary and inward in nature. It is dynamic, spontaneous but it is pure and precious.

Let us know, how to cook happiness with the ingredients we have in us for and for which we don’t need to go to anywhere else.

The most important ingredient is Emotion.

We all have emotions, but how to use this.

An emotional person thinks they get hurt more when compared with others.

We have tendency to label ourselves as Happy, Pessimist, Introvert or depressed and with various such emotions. We have grown a step further these days levelling as Paranoid etc.

Getting  a perfect detail for readers , R. B. Cattell (1966) , renowned scientist, used to measure the different dimensions of personality of the subjects , like Reserved- Outgoing, Less Intelligent-More Intelligent, Emotionally less stable- Emotionally stable, Humble- Assertive ,Sober- Happy-Go-Lucky, Shy- Venturesome, Expedient- Conscientious, Undisciplined self-conflict- Controlled, Tough Minded – Tender Minded ,Trusting – suspicious, Practical – Imaginative, Forthright- Astute ,Self-assured- Apprehensive, Conservative- Experimenting ,Group dependent- self sufficient , Relaxed- Tense/ Frustrated.

He explained emotion as one of personality trait.

We all are inherited with many personality traits and with the process of development we acquire few.

So, first know how much you are emotionally stable, very important spice, and should be used with perfection. This helps in determining how you will use your sate of happiness ones you are happy.

Second ingredient is, satisfaction, is condition when we fulfil our need or desire. Here try to understand difference between desire and need as per your physical-mental condition, intellectual state of mind, and how much money affects your life.

Now mix emotion and satisfaction in a bowl, see a chain of reaction bubbling out. Very simple, if Emotional state is stable and our desires/needs are met then happiness can be seen, felt and tasted.

Everyone dancing in party is not happy and one who is crying may not be sad as you judge. Every student of class is not learning and every child on play ground is not wasting time. Counting stars and naming a shape of cloud also become reason for happiness, and of course shower of rain can help you to dance without Music Set.

Actually to be happy, one should to know himself/herself first, then what is the need?

Then one can identify the real ingredient to get satisfaction. Satisfaction can be drawn from sensory pleasure, engaging self in social activities, cooking for friend or family, playing and winning a game, painting etc.

As per my research I really found happiness is state of mind people achieve with emotional stability and satisfaction of need. Try to use these two ingredients wisely to cook happiness for self and people around you.

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