April 28, 2021 Cancer

What happens when you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer?

Worldwide, every year more than 20 million people (2 pounds) are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, the disease is such that some of it will soon die. Those who are lucky enough to have the disease diagnosed early, after treatment will be able to live a long and satisfying life.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains why Counseling is Important for Cancer Patients

When you or someone close to you, such as a family member or friend is associated with cancer. It is important to give the patient help to deal with the disease.

In many parts of the world, counseling is an important part of cancer treatment. When a person is diagnosed with Cancer it is very painful. Patients, as well as loved ones, are amazed at learning about cancer.

An experienced psychologist is trained to counsel the patient and help him or her to cope with any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges that they may be facing.

Cancer patients often suffer from Depression and Anxiety. In addition, treatment for aggressive cancer can cause drug-induced stress.

Counseling can help a cancer patient to solve a variety of problems that the patient is most concerned about.

Counseling will help:
Dealing with your response to cancer, as a cancer patient has questions in the patient’s mind. The main question is “why me”. Psychological counseling will help you to accept this

Family and relationship problems, family members are often shocked or even left. Psychological counseling will help a cancer patient to understand what family members can rely on emotionally, physically and financially.

Assessing personal issues, cancer brings many patients face to face with death, it is time to accept your illness and change your future health plans

To deal with functional problems, depending on your family circumstances and support programs, the patient should deal with functional issues regarding employment, treatment, reduced capacity, lifestyle changes etc.

Going forward, it is our strong recommendation that when a patient hears that they have cancer they should immediately seek psychological counseling. Psychological counseling will help to accept a medical diagnosis. A cancer patient with a sense of peace of mind will respond well to medication.

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