Relationships are complex, not to mention the fact that you work together and are constantly monitored by the media. We all know the stories of the princes and Duchess of Sussex who left their royal family duties, but we do not know their reasons for doing so.

Like ordinary families, the royal family is going through a period of strife and rivalry. In extreme cases, cutting family ties seems to be the only way to be truly successful. While breathing can help, it can also be harmful.

While the situation may seem helpless, you can reconnect and improve the relationship. The combination of keeping a small distance of personal space and taking one step at a time to improve the relationship is a good decision.

Dr. Mamta Jain explains how you can mend a family dispute

Repairing broken relationships
Before going into rebuilding relationships, it is important to go back to the underlying issue and understand what happened and why. Try to understand the situation from another person’s point of view and be empathetic.

Ready to forgive
Usually, no one is at fault in the argument. You need to ask yourself “do you want to be honest or fix your relationship?”, You have to decide if you want to stick to your gun or accept the fact that you will never agree on this. If you choose to accept the differences and forgive each other, you will be able to let go of resentment and take those steps to heal the relationship.

Keep striving to reach
It can be difficult but you may need to take the initiative to start communicating. Do not dwell on face-to-face contact as it can be very distracting, but at first try to communicate in a non-disruptive way such as emails, letters, and phone calls.

Dr. Mamta Jain explains how you can mend a family dispute

Start small and meet in a public
Just because you have decided to meet does not mean that your relationship is now ready, it is a wonderful process. Try and keep realistic expectations going slow. Seeing your family at home can be very stressful and may trigger unexpected emotions such as anger, anger, and sadness. Therefore, choose to meet in public, such as a coffee place, safe and offers a neutral environment.

Find a mediator
Sometimes you need a third party to help you get treatment. This mediator can be a mentor, an impartial friend or a relative. A mediator can help you communicate your feelings and ideas in a neutral environment and help you work through your feelings.

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