We spend about half of our day with workmates. For some, coworkers are just friends. We work together, celebrate success together, face failure together, complain about our bosses, have good and bad days. And sometimes, when we lose a co-worker, we do not know how to grieve their death. Especially when our relationships are limited in the workplace, and we think we share more than good relationships with them, we may not consider them as friends. As a result, we fail to see how they play a role in our lives.

Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Coping with the Death of a Co-worker

Our friends and family may not know that they are there, their friends and family. This makes grief even more difficult as the people around us do not see the kind of impact that a colleague may have on our health. We may feel uncertain about the degree to which we have become involved in the rituals of death. As a result, we may feel isolated in our time of distress. Loss can also affect our work for a while, making it difficult for us to concentrate, or we may feel a little lost.

As a society, death is not something that is widely discussed or discussed. People often feel ashamed to openly express their fear of being judged unfairly. This is especially true in the workplace, where one is expected to keep one’s emotions to a minimum.

The following tips can help you to cope with the loss of a coworker:
Acknowledge the role they play in the organization and in each activity. Conversations about the kind of work that a colleague can do to the health of all employees can make a person feel that he or she has a right to grieve.
Give yourself, and others time and time to grieve. Realize that not everyone can afford to lose at the same pace. Be kind to your coworkers.
Use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to find a professional counselor who can help you through this traumatic process. Grief groups can be created for this purpose as well. A person can also apply to individual counseling if his company has a grant and if they feel the need for it.
Do something with the family. This can be done at the level of an individual, with other colleagues as a group, or on behalf of the entire organization.

Dr. Mamta JainTalks about Coping with the Death of a Co-worker

Go to the funeral.
Schedule a memorial service. Just sharing one’s memories can be a healing experience for others.
One can also erect a small monument at work as a token of appreciation for the contribution of a fellow worker.

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