Angry Birds is not just a game of animation, but most of us are angry birds in our real lives. Anger is one of the basic emotions and it is very common to express the same. But it is worrying when it comes to power.

Dr. Mamta Jainshares 8 tips to follow to control your anger

Here are some tips to help you control your anger:

Write it down
You can write down your thoughts, instead of expressing them out loud. Writing it down gives you time to analyze the whole situation. You can consider your actions and your response.

Dr. Mamta Jainshares 8 tips to follow to control your anger

Keep track
You can create an angry log and it can help you give insight into your behavior. You may not need to keep it for a long time, but doing so for 3-4 weeks will surprise you and reveal a lot about you.

How to Breathe
When we are angry, our whole body changes. Our heart beats faster, body temperature rises and breathing is short. Sniffing and sniffing the air several times helps us to control this body reaction.

Exercise is one of the best ways to use your strengths and to unleash the power of your emotions. First, you can follow a basic exercise regime. Try following various Zumba courses that are easily accessible on YouTube. In fact, there are a variety of apps available now that help you get started with a home exercise program only. Use available options.

Be aware of the causes
By keeping track and writing down your thoughts in a journal, you can always find things that make you angry. Stay clear of such situations to stay cool.

Take a break
When you are in a situation where your anger is likely to erupt, get yourself out of that situation. Go to another room or just walk outside to distract yourself. You can try to count, as suggested by many. It’s best to control your emotions before you vent your anger.

Understand the reason
Look for clues and trace the reasons for your anger. While it is important to learn to control your anger, it is equally important to learn the reasons for your behavior. Sometimes, something may be faster for you and not for others.

Take Help

Dr. Mamta Jainshares 8 tips to follow to control your anger

If you are not able to keep calm and you feel that you should blow things up evenly because of your anger, seek professional help. It is equally shameful and harmful to the people around us and later regret our words and actions, corrects your ways ahead of time.

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