Combating Depression

August 17, 2019 Depression

Combating Depression

By Dr. Mamta Jain, PhD (Psychology) – Gold Medalist

Clinic: – The Psychology Clinic.

Off late we see a steep rise in individuals complaining of being depressed. Depression is new modern mental illness which is catching up very rapidly among people mostly youngsters and middle age group Individuals.

If we go back more than 30 years back, rarely would we have heard of this word, might be we do not have that much awareness as what we have today.

There are various reasons for depression, Reason might be medical illness, some imbalance of chemicals in the brain; it might be hereditary, running down in the family.  The exact cause of depression is still not known so far.

One need to know the symptoms to know that this diseases or illness making a way into your life.

Often people with depression can be seen having low moods, change in appetite, Sleep disturbance, agitation, fatigue, and also difficult concentrating. People with depression exhibits diminished interest in or all daily activities and may get suicidal thoughts.

One must be able to recognize the above signs so that necessary help can be given.

It’s also important to know if it comes down from family genetically or there is something going into their daily life which might be the reason for depression.

If it comes deep down from family then it needs qualified psychiatrist to address the issue but if it does come from some other reason than it needs attention and proper handling of the situation to help individual come out of it.

It’s very important to educate the family members to understand and handle the person with maturity.

Big mistake often seen is “immediate reaction from the family member or the person dealing with” and being judgmental.

So the most important way of handling the person with depression is “To Listen” and not “To React”.

Often it’s very challenging for the other person as to why a person with depression behaving in such way and how to help them overcome. You want to support a person but you do not know how? One wrong word can aggravate the situation and can at times become out of control. Do not try to find perfect words to handle the situation. The best way is to sit in silence and listen.

Ensure you do not use “Harsh Word” while conversing person, “Be polite” and try to have “eye contact”.

Hold the person’s hand and if possible hug  – so as to make person feel comfortable and that there is someone with him or her in this situation. “Do not leave the person alone”.


Try to decipher mental state of the person so as to understand criticality of the situation and that if immediate medical help is needed or not. During depression negative thoughts pre-dominant and trying to make things normal do not make it worse by giving advice on her present condition. Remind him or her of her positive qualities and try to make understand that how important a person is in your life and family.

Remember it’s not impossible for a person to come out of depression if positive environment is created around her. Love, care and affection plays a major role and everyone attending person having depression must remember that they do not loose temper on the person if they feel offended by person. As the outburst is often momentary. So have patience in dealing with such person.

It’s very important for the person undergoing depression also needs to understand that self help is very important to fight it out. Quick self help can help individual to combat depression.

Individual suffering from depression should make a contact list of persons who understands them and who can be connected and be available any time when needed , during such moment of depression reaching out to such people can often seen helpful in coming out of situation.

Take a Walk with earphone and listen to music, regular exercise and meditation – Though tough but not impossible, these are few of the self help technique which can be tried.

Though there are many ways one can self help and help individuals going through depression, it’s very important for us to know that depression needs to be handled with delicate hands and love and affection can help a person to fight out this monster – Depression.


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