Children of Angry Parents

April 19, 2021 Anger

Your children do not deserve your anger, pain, or hurt. Instead, wash them with love, compassion, and empathy. Think of them as children, not as children

Dr.Mamta Jain

First, Anger is a powerful emotion that can be very dangerous if it is not manifested in a positive way. Similarly, anger can be expressed in two ways – outbursts and insults. Moreover, as the saying goes, an angry outburst may be heard, heard, and heard. While uncontrolled anger is silent, and it can be ignored. It is usually moderate to severe depression.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains the impact of Angry Parents on Children

Modeling is the process by which one learns a certain behavior by observing others. Parents are the primary teacher in children and children imitate the attitude and behavior of the primary caregiver’s anger and learning anger. Because of exposure to parental anger directly or indirectly, a child is adjusted to everything else and various other issues.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains the impact of Angry Parents on Children

Effects of angry parents on children:
The child becomes very aggressive and insensitive.
Similarly, they may develop frustration, isolation, and the abuse of partners.
The child also develops fear, anxiety and low self-esteem.
Children have difficulty controlling their emotions and anger.
They also have weak problem-solving skills and low-level reading comprehension.
In addition, taking deep breaths and various other relaxation techniques help to control anger in an urgent need. Because finding your bullet and understanding your mind has been proven to provoke anger. You will find many tips and tricks in some of the articles on this website to manage your anger.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains the impact of Angry Parents on Children

Benefits of dealing with the anger of children:
Calm interaction with children
Do not be afraid of the child’s anger
Is a model for dealing with anger effectively
They are less likely to be dangerous when anger erupts
Feel more responsible and confident
In conclusion, if you feel that your anger management issues are affecting your child’s well-being, please consult an experienced psychologist.

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