April 18, 2021 Alzheimer

Protecting Your Brain As You Grow
The most frightening consequence of old age is mental retardation and this is becoming more common. It starts from time to time ‘slipping’ into memory all the way until it affects your speed, your perception, your thinking and finally the brain size as we get into it well into the 70s and 80s.

However, there is good news. You are in control and this can be completely avoided. You can be as sharp as when you were 20 years old for the rest of your life if that was your choice. We make sure we pay attention to everything. So let’s take a look at steps that you can take to achieve this:

Control is yours:
It is very important to believe that you can fully control this process called aging. That belief helps you to find jobs to make them more real. In other words, believing that you have little or no control creates anxiety and thus negatively affects your performance, thus turning it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Dr Mamta Jain explains how to improve your brain power

Neural-plasticity is a real thing. You can actually expand your brain if you continue to challenge it. Take those questions, puzzles and creative or creative activities such as painting, art, crafts or creating and applying new techniques in the workplace. The brain is like any other tool, it seems. Sharpens and uses: Always bright. You don’t use it: It’s fast.

Exercise increases the number and strength of blood cells that supply oxygen to the brain and improves the number of nerve cells and the quality of synapses between them. It also lowers blood pressure, raises cholesterol levels, fights diabetes, and lowers stress, all of which can benefit your brain and heart.

This creates another important factor in the development of brain health. Eat the right kind of healthy food. Avoid heavy calories and low-fat foods like fast food and unhealthy snacks. Go for a balanced diet and focus on B vitamins (folic acid, B6, B12). This is proven to be an effective way to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Fortified grains and green leafy vegetables are good sources of these vitamins.

BP, Sugar, and Cholesterol:
Keep a check on all three of these items and keep them in the right place so they don’t get too low or shoot too much. All three of these factors are risk factors for brain-related diseases.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains how to improve your brain power

Drug abuse:
Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs should be avoided at all costs if you begin to experience symptoms of ‘slow motion’. If so, you can’t stop it altogether, it makes sense to bring it under healthy control like 1 normal drink a day etc.

Continue to build and update and reconnect your social networks. No matter how old you are, even if the kids have left you, etc., you still have a place in the world to connect with people. Find your nation and live a life of joy and contentment.

Mental health and rest:
Proper mental and emotional balance with a well-rested body goes a long way in avoiding the risk of brain damage. Emotions and emotions literally tell the quality of our lives today and far in the future.

Wear a helmet:
Yes. You read it well. In all cases where you are in danger, protect your head from danger. Eg: Construction sites, roads etc. Head injuries speed up the chance of age-related brain disorders so it’s best to be careful.

Dr Mamta Jainexplains how to improve your brain power

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