About Dr Mamta Jain

Dr Mamta Jain is one of the India’s Top Psychologist and Best Psychologist. She is Top Ten Psychologist of India. She has 22 years plus experience in the field of Psychology and she has achieved the honor of being awarded Gold Medal. She is not only gold medalist but she is topper in University in Special Education. She is renowned Psychologist, Top Psychologist in India and Special Educator.

Dr. Mamta Jain is leading and renowned Psychologist with over 22 Plus years experience and giving her services PAN India and Abroad. She is clients all over india including Bangalore, Hyderabad , Mumbai, Kota, Raipur , Orrissa, MP, Maharastra ,Karnataka and almost covers India.


· Educational Consultant

· Child Counselor

· Organizational Psychologist

· School Psychologist

· Consulting Psychologist

· Data Analyst ( SPSS)

· Psychotherapist

· Behavioral Therapist

· CBT Therapist

· Hypnotherapist

· Special Educator

· NLP Certified.

· Life Skill Coach.

· Alcohol De-Addiction

· Teacher’s Trainer

Am an expert in the field of educational, organizational, hedonic and child psychology with 14 years of experience. Expert in Alcohol De-Addiction. Capable of managing and solving day to day life, situational and complex problems of different age groups in schools, colleges and organizations.

I am a happiness expert with research on personality, happiness and hedonic field of psychology using software SPSS for data analysis. Skilled in psychometrics and data analysis to provide inputs for result oriented results in organizations.

Dr.Mamta Jain


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