April 25, 2021 Autism

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) occurs due to neurobiological dysfunction. Symptoms of ASD begin to appear when a child is about two to three years old. Symptoms include, loss of social and emotional communication, limited repetition and behavior, abnormal tone of voice, inability to respond and much more.

Dr Mamta Jaintells about Autism Spectrum

A child suffering from ASD becomes very upset and throws up. Too often, parents misinterpret these behaviors as behavioral problems and therefore cannot understand the child. Therefore, as a parent, it is important that you understand your child’s feelings and emotions. Knowing this a parent should understand ASD. So, below are the Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Signs and Symbols:
As mentioned earlier, a child with ASD tends to show two main symptoms, loss of social skills and recurrent behavior.

Loss of Social Networking:

Dr Mamta Jain tells about Autism Spectrum

Making very little eye contact or eye contact
Can’t listen to people. Therefore, inability to concentrate on what others are saying.
She is often able to express the happiness they experience while showing something they love.
Cannot answer or slow down when someone calls them.
Can’t understand sentences going back and forth.
He keeps talking about the same thing, or someone else has lost interest.
It is not consistent with speech, gestures, or movements.
There is a robot tone or an unusual tone when they speak.
It cannot understand another person’s point of view and cannot predict or understand the actions of others

Repeated Behavior:
They often repeat certain behaviors or phrases over and over again.
They have a lasting interest in specific topics that include facts, numbers or details.
Also, they focus on extremes. That is, it is too focused on certain things or things.
They love their process. The slightest change in their routine irritates them.
They are more sensitive to certain inputs compared to ordinary people. These can include, light, touch, temperature etc.

Dr Mamta Jaintells about Autism Spectrum

These symptoms may not be present in everyone with ASD, but most do. Also, Autism is not only found in children but also in adults. Those with Autism can have sleep problems and irritability.

However, a child suffering from autism in the midst of these challenges is also strong.

The strengths are:

They can learn things by details and remember those details for a very long time.
They are the most powerful students who can be seen and heard.
Also, they show excellence in art, mathematics, science or music.Scientists still wonder why this happens to a child. It may be due to genetics or very low birth weight. However, it is not clear why this actually happened. Therefore, it is best not to dwell on the question, but the parent should help and support the

Early diagnosis is the preferred method. Therefore, early diagnosis will lead to early treatment. Therefore, if your child or someone you know is suffering from this, or you think you have ASD please visit a pediatric psychologist or psychiatrist for help.

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