As a parent, you prepare for whatever challenges your child may face, small or great. That includes caring for their mental health.

Depression has reached alarming levels among young people. On average 2: 1 in children, girls are at greater risk than boys. The child may show few symptoms of depression or be in a state of depression. Below are a few tips to help manage and prevent depression in children.

Dr. Mamta Jainexplains Depression in Children

Focus on communication
First, listen to the child without judgment and resist any temptation to criticize. It helps to create a safe environment where a child can communicate freely without conditions. Acknowledging their feelings can make them feel understood and supported. Respect the child’s level of comfort while talking to him or her and still emphasize your concerns may be difficult but not impossible.

Make physical health a priority
Depression also affects a child’s body. Children suffer from sleep disorders and changes in eating habits. It is important to exercise or engage in some form of exercise to help reduce depression and take care of your physical health. Watch what your child eats. Provide them with a balanced diet that contains nutrients for brain health and emotional support such as healthy fats, proteins, and new products. Encourage your child to get enough sleep, up to 8-9 hours each night for optimal performance.

Dr. Mamta Jainexplains Depression in Children

Help learn thinking and coping skills
Teach your child to solve problems with the help of looking at problems in different ways, giving them different ways to solve and a good idea. Teach them to divide work into smaller steps for success.

Going for treatment can be difficult and may confuse the child and the parents. The child gives you a hard time too, understand that they are not doing this on purpose, but they are suffering. Stay involved in treatment by making sure the child goes for treatment, keep records of these changes, and report them to the therapist. Recovery can be a difficult journey, there will be challenges but also a small victory. It is important to be patient and judgmental and compare yourself with others.

Dr. Mamta Jainexplains Depression in Children

Help find a fun game
Exploring different activities together until your child finds the one they like best. You can try activities like dancing, singing, sports, swimming, art, cooking, horseback riding and much more. They may not be enthusiastic at first, but this will help improve community support.

Emphasize the good
Be aware of what your child is doing, know, encourage and value the child rather than relying on things that have not done well. Pass the positive effects positively as this will help her child gain confidence.

Encourage contact with people
Depression often leads to social isolation which is why it is important to make time for face-to-face contact because it will help the child feel lonely. Another way to combat social isolation is to encourage your child to go out with friends or to invite them in. Give them opportunities to meet and connect with other children. Get yourself involved in volunteer work, helping other people without personal benefit gives them a sense of purpose and is also a source of self-confidence.

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