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There is this proof that it takes 21 days to make or break a new practice. When it comes to launching a new system, it is undoubtedly a struggle for many people. But those who follow the steps of religion eventually succeed.

Dr. Mamta Jainshares a habit to follow to have a better life.

Here we share some of the habits we should follow in order to have better health and an emotionally healthy mind.

Make a plan
Planning your day helps you manage tasks better. You can prioritize the work accordingly.

Sit still for a few minutes when you get up in the morning, focusing on your breathing. Focus on yourself and your surroundings. Learn and practice thinking.


Dr. Mamta Jainshares a habit to follow to have a better life.

When you engage in physical activity, you release happy hormones. And you maintain a good body image that gives you confidence.

Talk to each other
Make sure you maintain good communication with those who are closed. Call your friends; spend time with your family. Inform and support the people around you.

Include healthy habits
Follow healthy habits to improve your quality of life. Focus on nutrition when it comes to your diet. Avoid unnatural foods and include health drinks such as green tea, water, coconut water, etc., in your daily diet.

Write down
Make a daily journal. This helps you to think about your actions and the words of the day. Take note of the happy events of the day.

Do what you love
Make sure you set aside some time to do something that you really enjoy. This will make you feed your love.

Track your screen time
There is ample evidence that the time we spend on laptops and cell phones has ruined our physical and mental health.

Mental Exercise

Dr. Mamta Jainshares a habit to follow to have a better life.

Prepare for meetings, interviews or events with the same exercises. Make sure you think of a positive attitude.

Exit Alone
Learn to love your company. Go out to the market, to the movie theater, have a coffee day, or go shopping alone.

The most needed practice is to develop self-acceptance. Loving others is important but loving yourself is very important. When you learn to love what you are, you are truly happy.

If you follow the above practices, you can cleanse your health and your mind and improve your health.

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Dr. Mamta Jain is one of India’s Top Psychologists and Best Psychologists. She is a Top Ten Psychologist of India. She has 22 years plus experience in the field of Psychology and she has achieved the honor of being awarded, Gold Medal. She is not only a gold medalist but she is a topper in University in Special Education. She is a renowned Psychologist, Top Psychologist in India, and Special Educator.

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